Email sharing missions can serve multiple purposes, but we recommend using them for any of the following:

  • Increasing name ID by asking supporters to introduce you or your org to their friends
  • Amplifying fundraising efforts through your supporters' friends
  • Asking your supporters to raise awareness among their friends regarding a specific issue

You can also use an education mission and email sharing mission together to educate an existing supporter and then ask them to pass on new awareness to their friends.


Follow these simple rules to make your email sharing missions as effective as possible.

Mission Name

Use a short and catchy mission name.  Try to be clear in what you're asking the supporter to share.  Mission names that have a sense of purpose typically perform better.


Provide a 2-3 sentence description of what the mission is about.  Your goal here is to further entice the supporter to begin the mission.  The introduction can expand on the mission name and provide more detail, but just like with the name, you want to clearly state what you're asking the supporter to share.  Don't give away the content here - just grab attention.

We highly recommending inserting a picture above the introduction text.  The picture should be genuine and personable, as if you're making an in-person request. 

Mission Description

Use the mission description to elaborate on your request.  You might provide more background about why it's important for the supporter to share this email with their friends.  Try to limit the description to 1 paragraph, or 3-4 sentences.  You can include a picture here as well - even the same picture in the introduction is fine to use.

Email Content

Phrase the email as if the supporter were speaking, and not you.  Remember - the supporter is emailing from their email account.  The email should be casual, informal, and personable.  Limit it to 2-3 sentences.  It can be helpful to include a URL if you want to provide additional information.