Building a large number of supporters within Blue Squad is vitally important to getting the most benefit out of the platform.  Here we present a number of recommendations for doing this.

Before You Get Started

Many of the recommendations below depend on using your organization's custom auto-support link or QR code.  You can get these by logging into the web app, and then clicking on Settings > Organization Settings.

You should also have several missions available before actively building your supporter base.  First impressions are important, and you want to make sure new supporters have things to do when they sign on to help your organization.

Email Campaign

You've probably already built a good-sized email list before joining Blue Squad.  This list may have come through personal connections, fundraising (e.g., on ActBlue), or various events.

We recommending sending 1-3 emails, across 1-2 months, encouraging people to download Blue Squad and support your organization on it.  You should include your auto-support link in these emails, with a call-to-action directed toward it.

Future emails can still include the auto-support link, but may take lower precedence in terms of what's emphasized.

Text Campaign

Much like your email list, you probably also have a call or text message list you can use.  For text message campaigns, we recommend sending 1 message that includes your auto-support link, followed by quarterly reminders to those that have not indicated they've downloaded the app.

Social Media

Since social media is less intrusive than emailing or texting, we recommend posting your auto-support link more frequently on each social media channel (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) you use.

For Instagram specifically, since it's a more visual channel, you can also post the QR code as an image and ask people to save it and view it through a QR reader.

In order to maximize the number of supporters you get through social media, we recommending posting your auto-support link in a more permanent way.  E.g.:

  • On Twitter, pinning a tweet for at least 1 month
  • On Facebook, posting the link as an announcement
  • On Instagram, using a tool like to include the link in your bio

QR Codes at Events

If you're attending events, either individually, or with something like a booth, you can print out your QR code on a postcard or sticker and ask people to scan it.

If someone is using a newer iPhone and Android phone, they'll just need to open their camera app and point their phone at the QR code.  The camera app should register the link and ask them to click on it, which will start the download process.

QR Codes on Yard Signs

You can also include the QR code on any yard signs you produce.  This is a great way to turn passive neighborhood interest into active support.