Blue Squad provides a few options for customizing and managing your organization.  To access organization settings, login to the web app and navigate to Settings > Organization Settings.

Organization Details

In this section, you can update your organization's name and profile picture.

Your organization likely already has a name set by the Blue Squad team, but you can change it to whatever you prefer.  Keep in mind that when supporters on the mobile app search for organizations, they are searching on the name.

Your profile picture is likely set to the default picture, so you should change it to something more representative.  If you're administering a campaign, we recommend using a picture of the candidate (instead of the campaign logo).

Invite New Team Member

You can invite new administrators of your organization from this section.  Just enter their email address and click "Invite".  They will receive an invitation to the organization in their email with a link to join.

Support URL and QR Code

This section shows your personalized support link and corresponding QR code.  You can use this either one to build your supporter base in Blue Squad.  Anytime someone clicks the link or scans the QR code, the following will happen:

  • If they don't have the Blue Squad app:
    • They'll be taken to the App Store or Play Store on their phone to download the app.
    • Once they've downloaded Blue Squad and completed signup, they'll automatically support your organization.
  • If they do have the Blue Squad app:
    • They'll automatically add your organization to the ones they support.

Team Members

In this section, you'll see everyone who is already an admin for your organization.  You can remove admins here as well.  All admins have the ability to remove any other admins.


In this section, you'll see all outstanding invitations to people you've requested to join as admins for the organization.